Special Olympics St. Mary’s County  Event Scores

This site provides event scores for local, regional, state, and world game competition. Click on the sport icon below for competition results.

The Special Olympics Oath

"Let me win. But if I cannot win,
let me be brave in the attempt."

2015 soccer results

2015 fall sports festival results

2015 kayaking results

2014 State Bowling Results

2014 Cycling results

2014 Kayaking results

2011 Regional Bowling Results and State Results

2011 Soccer State Results

2011 Summer Games

2011 Basketball Team and Skills


2010 Soccer Results

Teams Results

2010 Summer Games Results

Athletics Bocce Acquatics Softball

2010 basketball resuls day 1 and day 2

2009 cycling competition results

2009 Fall classic

2009 State Golf skills results and competition results

2009 Midsummer Classic writeup

2009 Summer games results See 2009 summer games writeup

2009 Local Swimming results

2009 Basketball State 5V5 results

2009 Basketball State 3V3 results

2009 Individual Skills competition





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