2015 Summer Games

2015 summer games results and softball results


Summer Games Highlights: 

 37 athletes for Track and Field; 28 for Bocce; 7 athletes for Aquatics; 6 athletes and 6 Unified Softball Players.  

 200 meter runs: Marty Goldsborough and Rodta Maddox won gold. Corey Woodland came from 25 meters down in the straight away to finish within tenths of seconds from the gold. Andrew Gill accelerated in the turn to go from 5th to 2nd. Joseph Ramirez won the gold in his first year of the 200 meter race.

 Four gold medals for 1st time athletes Jazmin Ramirez and 3 gold medals for first year athlete Ahkeema Hawkins..  

 Angelica Ringgold had the farthest female Mini-jav—over 16 meters.  

 Jeremiah Smith threw the mini-jav almost 14 meters.  

 Jim Downs won a gold medal in running long jump, exceeding Joseph Williams by 0.1 meter.  

 Ray Cusic and Andrew Gill won gold medals in very competitive shotput heats. 

 Two sets of 4X200 relay teams. Seven teams of 4X100 relays teams.  

 Russell Bucci won a gold medal in overtime in Bocce.  

 Chong Fairclough and Annette Hartz won over two excellent competitors in Unified Bocce. 

 Peter West was very brave after a serious spill on the concrete walkway. 

 The Softball Team played in the showcase with a couple of first time softball players and unified partners.  Larry Mills came in second at the Home Run Derby and won Orioles tickets. 

 Aquatics team of Phyllis White, Vincent Treglia, Jeremy Degler, Shaun Ridley won gold in the 4x25 relay.

 Bailey Mewhinney won gold in the 25M backstroke. Shelby Beall won silver in the 50M free style. 

 Volunteer Courtney Bucci comments, “Every athlete I’ve met and been lucky enough to work with has had such a positive impact on me. They keep their heads high, cheer everyone on and no matter what, try their hardest.” 



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