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Alpine ski partner, Lucas Garner, who has been involved in Special Olympics since he was 8 years old, running, as a partner, in a unified 4x100 relay race with Andrea Brown, Allen Hill and Courtney Bucci (partner) in 2003 at Maryland University for Summer Games. Lucas has been with our ski program working with our athletes for several years now.

For the past several years Lucas has persuaded his musical career, after leaving Great Mills High School Band and graduating, Lucas joined a Drum & Bugle Corp in New Jersey called the Raiders. He performed with the Raiders for a few years and then auditioned for the Bluecoats out of Canton, Ohio. This year was a huge success for the Bluecoats as they placed 2nd in the Drum Corps International Competition that was held in Indianapolis, Indiana on Saturday, Aug. 9.

It takes a lot of dedication to become a part of any organization such as the Bluecoats, Lucas traveled all summer, over 1,000 miles performing around the county. Great job, Lucas! Special Olympics St. Mary's County is very proud of you.





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