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Flag Football 2014 Writeup

St. Mary's played two games against howard county and frederick at the fall sports festival. Sam huffman and first year athlete rodta Maddox brought the St. Mary's banner during opening ceremony.

During the first game an interception from larry mill set up the first touch down my avery long. Avery Long had another touchdown and a touchdown by Anthony Cyrus closed out the game.

In the second game it was low scoring game. Avery Long prevented a touchdown with a great defensive play. The first score came right before half time from a touch down pass by avery long to larry mills. In the second half interceptions by Rodta Maddox and Sam Huffman kept the lead. Rodta Maddox caught a touchdown late to extend the lead. Frederick had a chance at the end of the game but Rodta Maddox who played incredible all day deflect the final pass. Thomas Smith and Branden Chan played good defense when Larry Mills went down with an ankle injury.

Thanks to coaches Adam chesser and Marc rinaldo there help all season. St. Mary's will play at the,NIRSA tournament later in November at University of Maryland.






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